Hostels For Girls

 No  Name and Place
 1  Asha Bhavan, Chandiput.

 Old Age Homes

 No  Name and Place
 1  Bro. Fortunatus Memorial old age home, Adoor.
 2  St.Raphael Old Age Home, Ayamkudy.
 3  Home of Hospitality, Koratty.

 Rehabilitation Centre

 No  Name and Place
 1  St John of God shelter home, Kattappana.

 Working Women’S Hostel

 No  Name and Place
 1  St. Richard Pampuri Womens Hostel, Kattapana.

 Institute For Unmarried Women

 No  Name and Place
 1  Sancta Maria Bhavan, Ammamkulam.

 Home for mentally Retarded

 No  Name and Place
 1  Amaithi Bhavan, Trichy.